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Land Rover Jeep Tour 

Lean back, we drive for you! 2.5 hours of beautiful views, adrenaline and off-road. 

*By proceeding and booking you accept ourTerms and Conditions 

Why book a jeep safari with us? Simply because we are simply good. Are you skeptical? Then simply take a look at our reviews on Google My Business.


Procedure, prices, times


With our popular Land Rover Tour , we're behind the wheel and you can relax. This tour lasts only 2.5 hours , but this time has it all! On this Land Rover Jeep tour, our focus is on beautiful and unforgettable views, breathtaking photo opportunities and of course we also drive a little off-road off the slopes. So everyone gets their money's worth.

The itinerary of this tour is not fixed and you can let us know in advance what you would like to do! Would you perhaps like to go to a small, idyllic bathing bay and go snorkeling in the crystal-clear water ? Or do you prefer to drive off-road and take some nice photos? Everything is possible, just contact us without obligation. Fun for the whole family or singles!


This tour is on request only and subject to availability.


Price on request.

Included services

-2.5 hours driving fun in an original Land Rover  including guide 


-Cold drinks

*By proceeding and booking you accept ourTerms and Conditions 

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