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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Wrangler Jeep Safari & Fun Island Cala Millor 2022

At the two locations Wrangler Jeep Safari & Fun Island Cala Millor organises guided Wrangler Jeep Safaris and Bike Tours on defined and officially approved routes.
We also rent out e-bikes and arrange tourist activities.

To prevent accidents, tried and tested multilingual briefings are given at the beginning of each tour. However, should accidents occur, all participating clients have been expressly advised that participation in the tours, which are guided by trained personnel, is at their own risk.

In detail:

   1. the client/tour participant who drives the jeep himself/herself must have a valid driving licence.
   2. the client/tour participant must inform the responsible tour guide of any health restrictions. This includes pregnancies, operations on the skeleton and implants, operations on tendons and muscles of the musculoskeletal system if less than 6 months ago.
   3. the consumption of alcoholic beverages (including residual alcohol) and all narcotics is prohibited without exception. Only the mere suspicion is sufficient for a tour exclusion by the responsible tour guide. Alcohol and narcotics are also prohibited on the tour itself. Alcohol consumption on the tour will lead to exclusion from the tour. 4.
   4) Participation in the tour briefing is obligatory. It does not matter whether you have previous experience or not. No tour can be started without the briefing.

   The customer/tour participant is obligated to use the jeeps as intended. For this purpose, the tour participant drives within the tour group at the position specified by the tour guide in a driving route specified by the guide. 6.

   6. the regulations of the STVO apply

Conclusion of Contract / Bookings / Cancellation

   1.  The tour contract is bindingly concluded when the customer makes a binding booking either electronically or in one of the two shops.
   Wrangler Jeep Safari expressly reserves the right to combine tours or to postpone them in agreement with the tour participant.This applies in particular in the event of rain or other events which necessitate a postponement. 3.
   3. the tour participant must pay the indicated or stated tour price before the start of the tour. Payment after the tour is excluded.
   4. Cancellation of a tour despite binding conclusion of the contract is only possible up to 24 hours before the tour. A later tour cancellation (less than 24 hours before the tour) will result in a charge of 100% of the full tour price.WRANGLER JEEP Safari is free to issue the customer a voucher for a later tour. A payout in cash is not possible.
   5. all advance payments to affiliated and authorised resellers are to be made by the customer at the customer's payment office in the event of the correct cancellation deadline. .

Liability / Touring / Recommendations

   1. the terms and conditions are available at the offices of Wrangler Jeep Safari and Fun Island. Participation in the tour is only possible with written confirmation that the customer has read and understood these terms and conditions.
   2. at any time the tour guide can change the course of the tour, for whatever reason. A claim for financial compensation on the part of the tour participant due to a changed route is fundamentally excluded. 3.
   Without exception, the general or direct instructions of the tour guide must always be followed. In the event of repeated violations, endangerment of other tour participants or persistently careless driving on the part of the tour participant, the tour guide may exclude the tour participant from further participation in the tour. 4.

   4. sturdy shoes are required for participation in the tour. 


Should one point of the terms of business prove to be invalid, the other points shall not lose their binding force.

The place of performance and payment is the current registered office of Wrangler Jeep Safari.

The place of jurisdiction is Manacor, Mallorca Balear Spain.

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